FORMER radio DJ Wez Thompson is helping to broadcast a MS Awareness Week message – that exercise is of great benefit to those living with the neurological condition.

Weightlifting three times a week, coupled with a healthy diet and plenty of Pembrokeshire fresh air, is some of the best medicine to help the 36-year-old manage his multiple sclerosis.

Wez was diagnosed with MS the week before his 23rd birthday.

“I was ok for many years, but the last few years I’ve struggled,” he admitted.

“My legs don’t work so well any more, and I can’t walk very long distances, but I can still drive and I take my mobility scooter out and about everywhere.

“I find I find that going to the gym and lifting weights keeps me on the right track. It’s a positive action which clears my head and really helps mentally as well as physically.”

The MS Trust – the charity which works to make a difference to the 110,000 people in the UK who live with MS – now has new research which says that regular exercise positively benefits health and wellbeing for those with the condition, despite advice in the past suggesting the opposite.

And Wez is keen to endorse that message, particularly during MS Awareness Week, which is currently underway.

Wez, who was a DJ with the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) all over the world for eight years, moved to Kilgetty with his wife Abby just over a year ago. He now works as an on-line English teacher.

He added: “We love where we live, and being so close to the beach.

“The laid-back lifestyle here is really good for people with MS, and there’s nothing better than getting out and about.”

Said the MS Society’s chief executive, David Martin: “Research shows us that regular and moderate exercise has many benefits for people living with MS, both physically and mentally.

“We hope that by shining a spotlight on exercise during MS Awareness Week, we can encourage people with MS all over the UK to introduce a little activity into their daily routine.”

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