PROPOSALS which will help bring the multi-million pound Saundersfoot Harbour enhancement scheme to fruition are due to be given the green light by National Park planners today (Wednesday).

The plans include creating a visitor centre, events space and up to 15 small commercial units in the former Barbecue building adjacent to the harbour car park, as well as the siting of a replica coastal schooner.

This would be used as an education and interpretation centre and would be a focal feature on the village’s events decking.

Two petitions containing nearly 90 signatures, together with 13 letters of concern or objections, have been sent to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority in relation to the Barbecue building, which was formerly the harbour Coal Office.

The authority’s development management committee is due to hear today that objections include over-development of the site, the impact on the character of the village and the loss of a green open space and public amenity area. The point was also made that the creation of new shops was not “sensible or feasible”.

Ten letters of support have been received, pointing out the role of the development in the regeneration of the harbour area, the all-weather capabilities of the proposed piazza and the economic benefits to the village.

Officers recommending approval stated: “The current design is considered to sustain and enhance the local character, whilst also promoting modern and innovative design which reflects the overall ambition to develop Saundersfoot and the harbour into a destination place on the Welsh coastline.”

It was considered that although some designated open space would be lost at this location, but there would actually be an overall open space increase within the harbour area of around 1440 square metres.

The Coastal Schooner Centre application had been referred to committee due to the public interest in the wider harbour scheme.

It would provide a “new educational and tourism attraction”, said officers in their recommendation for approval.