A woman was thrown onto a car bonnet when a teenager drove into her during an exercise class.

Euan Lewis Richards, of Gay Lane Terrace, Marloes, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention when he appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday, April 30.

The court heard that a group of ten people were taking part in an outdoor fitness class in Havens Head car park, at the back of the Paul Sartori shop, Milford Haven, at around 6.20pm on January 22.

The group had put out cones to mark an area of five or six parking bays.

Richards, 18, drove around the corner in a Seat Ibiza and collided with a member of the group, causing her to be catapulted up onto the bonnet before falling onto the tarmac.

Prosecutor Vaughan Pritchard-Jones said: “She said it all happened so quickly. After landing on the floor she felt excruciating pain in her shoulder.

“She was petrified because she had her 14 year-old with her and did not know if he had been injured.”

The woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries, including a dislocated and broken shoulder, bruised ribs and legs, headaches and a loss of sensation in her right arm, hand and leg, which needed physiotherapy.

Mr Pritchard-Jones added that Richards’ insurance would deal with compensation for the woman’s injuries.

The court heard that water splashed onto Richards’ windscreen as he turned the corner, obscuring his view for a moment before he collided with the woman.

Tom Lloyd, defending, said Richards, who was previously of clean character, was extremely remorseful, and the incident had impacted on his fragile mental health.

“He immediately called the police and called for an ambulance after the incident. He immediately took appropriate action.”

Mr Lloyd added: “Since the accident he has not wanted to get back into a car.

“He is genuinely sorry for what he has done. He accepts the standard of driving fell below what it should have been, all-be-it for a spilt second. It was a momentary lapse.”

Magistrates added nine penalty points to Richards’ licence and fined him £150. He was ordered to pay £115 in costs and a surcharge.

The chairman of the bench said that while they acknowledged Richards’ remorse, clean character and actions immediately after the incident, serious injury had been caused.

“Because this person was lifted off her feet, you must have been doing a high speed in bad weather.”