A drunk woman who spat at police officer has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

Tiffany Marks, of Pembroke Dock, pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker when she appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on Tuesday, May 7.

Vaughan Pritchard-Jones, prosecuting, said police were called to an address in Pembroke Dock just after 11.30pm on April 21, and found Marks, 25, sitting outside a front door.

“The police described her as dribbling and swaying. She smelled of drink and her speech was slurred. She started to roll around on the grass lawn.

“She was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace.”

Marks was put in the back of a police car with an officer, but her wrists were too slender for handcuffs to be applied effectively.

Marks became aggressive and slapped the officer in the face when told she was unable to have her mobile phone at that time.

She then grabbed the officer’s hair before spitting in her face.

Mr Pritchard-Jones said: “Some of the spit went over the top of her glasses, hit her brow and dribbled down into her eye, which caused her some concern.”

The officer was kicked in the thigh by Marks as she pushed her away. Her colleague then pulled Marks out of the car, put a spit-guard on her and called for a caged vehicle to transport her to the police station.

Mark Layton, defending, said: “Miss Marks has no recollection whatsoever of events on the day in question because of excessive drinking, but she accepts the facts in their entirety.”

“She accepted that spitting was a disgusting act. Through me she apologises to the officer.”

The court heard that Marks had been homeless for a long time, and had a drink problem.

Mr Layton said: “This has brought home to her that this is a problem that needs to be addressed.”

The bench heard that Marks was extremely remorseful for her actions, and had not consumed alcohol since the incident.

Magistrates sentenced Marks to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, with 150 hours of unpaid work and a 20 day rehabilitation activity requirement.

She was ordered to pay £100 compensation to the officer and £200 in costs and a surcharge.

The chairman of the bench said: “It is was an appalling incident really. To spit on someone’s face is utterly disgusting.”