A ROAD has been plastered with obscene images and a message reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz to highlight a local pothole problem.

'The yellow d**k road' reads the graffiti on back road between Maenclochog and Newport in a video sent to the Western Telegraph.

Milford Mercury: Unblurred: some of the penises painted along the road.Unblurred: some of the penises painted along the road.

After driving past the message, there are a series of penises drawn over potholes along the road of varying sizes.

Similar action has been taken by angry residents in other areas of the UK to force action on filling potholes.

Milford Mercury: One of the images spray painted on the road.One of the images spray painted on the road.

In Manchester, a protester who painted several potholes with penises was dubbed Wanksy by locals.

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In the video, a driver in a tractor cab follows the unusual yellow markings along the length of the road, which is a country lane that turns off from the B4313 near Morvil.

Some of the rude images are spray painted around the potholes, whereas in other places, smaller penises are sprayed next to the smaller potholes to point them out.

Pembrokeshire County Council advises residents to report any potholes to it, which can be done via the council website.