CHAPTER and verse is being sought on the cool discovery of a war hero’s family Bible in an old fridge.

The bible, dating back more than a century, was bizarrely found in a commercial refrigerator in Narberth.

Issued by the Naval and Military Bible Association, it is signed A. Harries, H.M.S. Cleopatra, July 1904.

There is also a lock of hair carefully preserved between two of the pages.

Milford Mercury:

The bible was discovered in the large fridge at the old Kerry Foods depot by Narberth station.

Mike Wilkes, a warehouse employee for Cariad Cool Water and Coffee, came across it when he was clearing the site.

Curious to discover more, Cariad’s HR manager, Mary Evans, began researching the names in the bible and her investigations revealed the original owner, Arthur Harries, and some of his background.

She then turned to Narberth Museum family history researcher, Jacqueline Thomas for advice.

Jacqueline discovered that Arthur was born in Penally in 1886, and his naval career saw him receive the Distinguished Service medal for his actions during the evacuation of the Gallipoli peninsula during the First World War.

He married Alice French in Devon in 1928 and died in 1943 in Haverfordwest.

Milford Mercury:

The couple’s son, James, was born in 1929, and an insert in the bible reveals that the youngster joined the Scripture Union in 1938.

James returned to Pembrokeshire with his own wife, Frances, in 1950, and passed away in 2000.

Mary said: “We believe that James’ children may still be living in Pembrokeshire, and we would love to see this family bible returned to one of Arthur Harries’ descendants.

“I know I would have wanted this to happen if it had belonged to my own grandfather.”

If you think you may be a relative of Arthur or James Harries, or know someone who is, then contact