THE author of well-known Tenby horror novel Black Snow has a problem.

Malcolm Stacey has had hundreds of requests to write a scary sequel to his spooky book, which contains 50 real-life residents of the town and its surrounding areas

But he has yet to find a plot for the follow-up, even though the ending to Black Snow was deliberately written to accommodate a sequel.

To ease the writing process, Malcolm is appealing for suggestions for new characters.

He said: “They should be real Tenby people, who don't mind if they come to a sticky end. But only in the novel, of course.

“Once you have some interesting characters, the making of a new plot becomes so much easier. But at the moment I’m rather stuck.

“The first story almost wrote itself. That was probably due to the town’s rich atmosphere, some fascinating local folks and some very interesting buildings. There were also dramatic weather effects which I probably can’t repeat.

“So if anyone has some great character suggestions - even if they choose themselves - I will do my best to ease them into the plot.”

Malcolm is also open to any spooky scenes that he could work on. He believes it would be relatively easy to link very different situations into a believable story.

He’s also open to suggestions for a compelling title. ‘Blacker Snow’ has been suggested, as well as The Tenby Terror or Peril in Pembs.

He added that the main character who were not killed off in Black Snow will make a re-appearance, and perhaps some of those who ‘died’ will be seen again.

Said Malcolm: “One of my reviewers described Black Snow as comic horror. I never meant it to be funny. It even keeps me awake at night. And I promise to make the sequel even darker.”