A SPECIAL licence to develop and test a 1.5MW marine energy device in the sea near Angle is being sought.

Bombora WavePower Europe Ltd has applied to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) for a marine licence to carry out a regulated activity under the Marine and Coastal Act 2009.

The application is for the deployment and testing of a full-scale wave energy prototype 75 metre-long wave energy converting device harnesses the potential of marine energy in the form of pressure on the sea floor and a 1,450m cable on the seabed off East Pickard Bay on the south side of the Angle peninsula.

The project requires EIA consent and is subject to the requirement for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) under the Marine Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2007. An environmental statement has been prepared by the applicant.

Copies of the environmental statement are available for public inspection free of charge at the National Park Offices, Llannion Park, Pembroke Dock, and online at the NRW website.To make representations regarding the application and the environmental statement should do so by writing to NRW to the Permitting Service, Natural Resources Wales, Cambria House, 29 Newport Rd, Cardiff CF24 0TP or by email to marinelicensing@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk by August 1.