TWO men are lucky to be alive after becoming stranded at sea while attempting to kayak between Milford Haven and Ireland.

The men spent 30 hours in the water before being rescued off the Wexford coast by Rosslare Harbour RNLI last week.

The pair left Milford Haven last Wednesday afternoon, according to reports in the Wexford People newspaper, before being found late on Thursday evening.

The kayakers were described as "exhausted, hungry and disorientated" when they made a 999 call to Irish Coastguard with a weak mobile phone signal.

The details were sent to Rosslare Harbour RNLI which began a search and managed to find the kayakers thanks to light markings, three miles north east of Rosslare Harbour.

They were eventually taken back to the RNLI station where they slept before getting the ferry back to Pembrokeshire the next day.

David Maloney, Lifeboat Operations Manager for Rosslare Harbour RNLI, told the Wexford People: "They were in the water for 30 hours and they were very tired as you could imagine.

"They had a VHF radio but the battery had died. They only had a very weak signal on a mobile phone which was coming and going.

"They were very happy to see us."

Mr Maloney said the kayakers were extremely lucky that weather conditions were clear.

"Otherwise they would have been in a spot of bother and we could have had a very different result. If it had been a foggy night we could have been passing by within a few feet of them and we wouldn't have seen them.

"We were lucky it was a bright night with good conditions, otherwise we could be having a very different conversation altogether."