HAVERFORDWEST’s mayor has called on the people of the town to show their community spirit and get involved in this year’s carnival.

Last year saw the return of the carnival, after a break of several years, and revived the use of floats, which have not been seen in Haverfordwest for some time.

Cllr Sue Murray, the mayor of Haverfordwest, is encouraging the people of the town to make this year’s carnival larger than last year’s.

“This is about bringing the people of Haverfordwest together,” she said.

“Haverfordwest shows a real community spirit when we have events like this and it is all about bringing everyone together to have a fun time,” she added.

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This year’s carnival will take place on Sunday, July 28, to mark the end of Haverfordwest Festival Week.

It has an open theme, and residents are encouraged to dress up in whatever costumes they want and decorate their lorries, tractors, or other vehicles to use as floats.

“It is important for people to know they don’t need to have a lorry at the ready to be a float,” said Cllr Murray.

“They can use cars, tractors and trailers, vintage vehicles – anything can go in. There is no extra cost for larger vehicles,” she added.

Entries for carnival royalty are also still open, and children from Haverfordwest are invited to get involved with the event.

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Last year, and under the sea theme was given to participants to follow, to match with Visit Wales’ tourism campaign for 2018.

Haverfordwest’s fire crew’s engine paved the way for the carnival’s floats, which were led by a sled carrying the carnival queens and princess.

Floats joining the parade included the Ladies Circle, Haverfordwest Services Club, two floats from Prendergast, and Pure West Radio’s float.

To apply to join Haverfordwest Carnival 2019, visit: haverfordwesttown.co.uk