TENBY is getting a mention in one of the summer’s most high-profile tv commercials.

The ad, by technology giants Google, reminds viewers of how it can help us ‘Make the most of summer’ in their latest tv video, which hedges its bets on whether we are in for a hot and dry, or wet and windy summertime.

The 30-second ad shows Google searches for summer activities, whatever the weather, with one being ‘fastest route to Tenby beach’.

The words are superimposed on a happy family in a car and then over a Google Maps route showing the way to the resort.

Released this month, the commercial has been spotted in ad breaks for major televised events, including the Cricket World Cup on Sky and the Tour de France.

The ad soundtrack, a 2013 No. 1 hit called I Love It by Swedish dance and pop music duo Icona Pop, features vocals by English singer/songwriter Charli XCX.