A MOTHER has urged people visiting a beach near Milford Haven to be extra vigilant after finding a used syringe on the sand where her young daughter was playing.

Kathy Picton shared her warning for others to stay safe on Gelliswick Beach after finding the syringe and needle on the beach on Sunday, July 14, while she was there with her partner and three-year-old daughter.

“This was right next to where she was playing,” said Kathy, who said her family had been on the far-right end of the beach when they had found the needle.

“We didn’t really look to see if there were any more needles, I did manage to pick that one up without touching it and I took it to Boots to be disposed of,” she added.

After depositing the needle in the pharmacy’s sharps bin, Kathy shared her warning on Facebook to make sure other people’s children were safe on the beach.

“Gelliswick beach may not be the cleanest beach but it’s still used by children in the area and animal lovers; not just dog walkers, there was a horse in the water on Sunday.

“It’s clearly still a popular place to go and with the holidays coming up I wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt,” said Kathy.

Pembrokeshire County Council advises anyone who finds a needle or something similar on a beach to try and ensure that no one else touches it.

The finder should then report the find and the precise location of the needle to PCC by calling its contact centre on 01437 774551, where staff can arrange for its correct disposal.

Individuals who use syringes should know they are considered clinical waste and should arrange with their GP or pharmacist to obtain a sharps box for their safe disposal.