BLUE BADGE holders in Pembrokeshire are being warned to check when their permit expires after the county council stopped sending out renewal reminders to save money.

The warning comes after a disabled Milford Haven resident was slapped with a parking fine despite displaying her Blue Badge while parked at the Perrots Road (behind Wilko) car park in Haverfordwest.

Glenys Hood, 65, who uses a wheelchair, had previously been notified by the council in writing when her Blue Badge was coming up to expiry.

So she was shocked to receive the £35 fine last month and discover that her badge had run out several months earlier.

Mrs Hood told the Western Telegraph: "The letter of the fine was a huge shock and very worrying. I knew I had parked in the right place and had displayed my Blue Badge as I always do so I couldn't understand why I had been fined. But then it was explained that my badge had run out. I knew I hadn't had a reminder so I phoned the council and they said they weren't sending out reminders any more to save money.

"I think it's terrible.That fine is an awful lot of money for most people, especially disabled people like me and the worry has been terrible.

"I've been back and fore to the council to try to sort it out and it has caused a lot of stress."

Mrs Hood is now appealing the fine.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council told the Western Telegraph: "Due to budgetary pressures, since February 5 this year the authority ceased sending reminder letters prior to the expiry of a Blue Badge.

"It is the responsibility of badge holders to re-apply in plenty of time to ensure they have a valid badge bearing in mind it can take up to 28 days to process an application."