THE PARENTS of a child who suffered life-changing brain injuries at the hands of a babysitter have spoken about the never-ending consequences of his cruel actions.

Sophie Reed and Luke Taylor spoke to the Western Telegraph about their ordeal following Stephen Carl Smith's assault on baby Bayleigh-Lee Taylor.

Smith was jailed for 10 years on Monday for shaking his former friends' baby and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Bayleigh-Lee's parents said: "It will be exactly three years this week. That is how long it has taken to get us where we are.

"Smith has been found guilty of what he did and sent to jail. That is the result we wanted and Bayleigh-Lee needed.

"But he still hasn't explained what really happened that night, or apologised. We don't think he ever will. He has never shown any emotion."

Miss Reed, 27, said what Smith did to their daughter had had never-ending consequences.

First and foremost were the injuries to Bayleigh-Lee, the consequences of which will affect all concerned for the rest of their lives.

What they did not expect was for Mr Taylor to lose his livelihood - and for the couple to find themselves accused of injuring their own baby.

"Social services stepped in straight away and took Bayleigh-Lee and my other two children into care. I was not allowed to be with her when she needed me.

"We did not get them back for ten months.

"We had to go to family court hearings and listen to accusations against us. They could not prove, at that stage, who had caused the injuries, I understand that."

The police, however, never suspected the couple and always had their eyes on Smith.

But he denied being responsible - and it took some of the top medical experts in child injuries to work out what had happened.

"We had been out with a group that night and there were plenty of people who could say that there was nothing wrong with her when we left to go fishing.

Miss Reed was forced to 'celebrate' Bayleigh-Lee's first birthday while visiting her in care.

Meanwhile Mr Taylor was spending so much time visiting his daughter in hospital - by then in Cardiff - that he lost his work.

And now, the couple will have to change home.

Bayleigh-Lee is blind in the left eye and has very limited vision in the other.

She also has epilepsy, walking difficulties and plenty of other health issues.

"We need a place specially adapted for someone with Bayleigh-Lee's needs.

"It has taken a long time but we finally have the right place and we hope to move in soon," said Miss Reed. But it is "quite a way" from their present home in Merlins Bridge.

Mr Taylor said he was glad the full story was now out there.

"We have had three years of people coming up to us and asking if Bayleigh-Lee had been like that since birth.

"Now, everyone knows what really happened to her and who was responsible. We don't have to do the explaining any more," he said.

Miss Reed revealed that since the ordeal she had given birth to a son.

"Bayleigh-Lee has a little brother and loves him to bits," she said.