THERE is a flood alert in force for the west Wales coastline this weekend.

The flood alert is in place for all of the Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, as well as the Carmarthenshire coast, the Gower and Swansea.

According to Natural Resources Wales, high tides are predicted over the weekend between this evening, Friday, August 30 and the morning of Monday, September 2.

The winds are forecast to be between force 4 and force 6 from a general westerly direction over the weekend.

Offshore waves are expected to be moderate in size.

The flood alert says impacts are generally expected to be minor, with limited flooding to low-lying land in estuary locations potentially affecting some footpaths, roads and car parks.

Small amounts of wave overtopping are expected at some of the more exposed locations mostly during Saturday.

Caution should be undertaken around times of high tides.

For more information about flood warnings, see the Natural Resources Wales website.