A GOODWICK dog grooming business has been named a finalist in this year's Animal Star Awards.

Dogsbody Grooming and Hotel has been shortlisted in the Animal Hero of the year category after being nominated by a mystery customer.

The business recently raised £700 for Fishguard and Goodwick Animal Welfare charity though a bath-a-thon. Owner Kristina Harries also raised £500 for Many Tears Animal rescue.

Kristina says the business is planning to organise more fundraising events in the future. It presently runs an equipment recycling scheme where pet owners can drop off their old collars, leads and blankets which will be passed onto animal charities.

"It was amazing when we found out that we had been nominated," said Kristina. "It was something else. We have been going for nearly ten years now and we've never been nominated for anything before. To be selected was really really great. It was a bit overwhelming at first."

Kristina said she was passionate about raising money for Fishguard and Goodwick Animal Welfare as they then go on to help other organisations and animals.

"They are amazing," she said. "I just wanted to give them something back."

Kristina took over Dogsbody Grooming just three days after her 20th birthday.

"I started off in a small salon that could hardly fit one table and a bath in, just waiting for the phone to ring," she said.

"It took about three years to build things up and then things just went mad. I'm now running a successful business which employs two full time and two part time staff in beautiful big salon. I couldn't be happier."

Kristina is a self-confessed dog lover who has devoted time giving poorly pooches the best possible beginning and end of life.

"I took on a very old little Shihtzu who didn't have long left to live she was 18 and not looked after well at all," she said. "I wanted her to have a more comfortable last few months of her life by keeping her clean and well-groomed.

"The three months we had her were heart-breaking, but rewarding."

Kristina also tried to help a six-day-old unwanted puppy born with a cleft palate. Working alongside a vet, she tried to get him strong enough for a life-saving operation, getting up three times every night to hand feed him through a tube. After a week the pup lost his struggle.

Kristina will know if Dogsbody has won the Animal Hero award on October 19, when she and employee Rhiannon Griffiths attend the awards ceremony at Portsmouth's Marriott Hotel.