FISHGUARD RNLI volunteers were launched in the early hours of this morning, September 9, to a yacht in difficulty 10 miles off Strumble Head.

Fishguard’s all-weather lifeboat Blue Peter VII was launched at 2.30am after a mayday call was received of a 28-foot yacht suffering engine trouble.

The yacht had two people on board.

The crew established a tow and the all-weather lifeboat towed the yacht back to the safety of Fishguard harbour.

This was the second emergency callout for the lifeboat crew in less than a week.

Fishguard RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched on Thursday afternoon, September 5, to a swimmer in difficulty in the harbour.

The man, who had decided to go for a swim as a result of the warm weather, was found by a kayaker hanging onto a mooring buoy in Fishguard Harbour. Despite the warm weather, the water was very cold which had caused great difficulty for him. Thankfully a kayaker was in the area at the time and helped him out of the water until the lifeboat arrived.

He was taken back to the lifeboat station on the inshore lifeboat. Once back at station he was checked, and, except for being very cold, he was unharmed after the incident.

David Williams, RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager said: “The sun might be out but it’s important to remember that the water around our coast is incredibly cold. If you are feeling brave enough for a swim we’d recommend wearing a wetsuit at this time of year to stay warm.

“If you find yourself struggling in cold water and are having difficulties breathing, the RNLI encourages the public to Float To Live. The charity advises you to fight your instinct to swim hard and panic, which can lead to breathing in water and drowning. Instead, float on your back, try to control your breathing, and then plan your next move, which can be either calling for help or swimming back to shore.”