Traffic lights in Pembroke Dock are still causing long delays, a year after they were installed.

Since the traffic lights on Ferry Lane/London Road were turned on in July last year, the South Wales Trunk Road Agency (SWTRA) promised to continue monitoring and to adjust them as necessary.

One shopper at Pembroke Dock Aldi recently took to social media to express his frustration.

Andrew Lye ended up spending more than 30 minutes queueing to get out of the Aldi carpark.

Mr Lye said a member of staff had to direct traffic into the industrial estate, where they could turn around back onto London Road.

“I just thought I would pop into Aldi, coming out you could just see the carpark was gridlocked,” he said.

“It needs someone to be there, to oversee the traffic lights – I can’t understand why they didn’t put a roundabout on that junction.”

One commenter on Mr Lye’s post said: “A couple of weeks ago the lights wasn’t working. Brilliant flow of traffic - no queues.”

Pembrokeshire County Councillor Joshua Beynon said in a Facebook post that he had contacted SWTRA, and the authority would be reviewing the lights outside Tesco and on Ferry Road.

However the Welsh Government said they had already carried out a review at the end of June and beginning of August.

A spokesman said: for the WG said: “As a result of increased traffic flows on the A447 during the summer months, a review was undertaken of the traffic signals on the A447 Ferry Lane and those at the retail park on London Road.

“This was undertaken in late July and early August during the period of peak traffic flows.”Specialist traffic signal engineers made amendments to the traffic lights to improve traffic flows at these busy locations. We will continue to monitor the situation.”

Asked to clarify if further reviews would be taking place regarding the interdependency a spokesperson said they had no further information.