A CASTING call for a new Harry Potter film has been proved a hoax but left some budding actors guessing today.

Earlier this week a series of notices were placed along two streets in Haverfordwest, claiming that a promo for Fantastic Beasts three would be filmed there.

The "Notices of No Objection" claimed filming would take place today (Saturday, October 5) and again on Monday (October 7).

The only problem is that none of the companies mentioned on the notices knew about the production.

Several real companies are mentioned on the notices, including the production company, Heyday Films; location managers, the Film Office; and a communication company called Rubenstein Communications.

The production company, location managers, and Pembrokeshire County Council all confirmed they have no knowledge of the filming.

Heyday Films, which has been involved in the production of all the previous Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, said: "This shoot does not have anything to do with us."

Rubenstein communication and the listed contact Susie Arons, both exist - Ms Arons is the managing director at the company and is based in America.

A group of four young people gathered on Lower Market Street, hoping to be a part of today's filming, were disappointed at the news.

One young man said: "I've been here since this morning.

"Fair play, that's a good hoax. They got me."

The Western Telegraph has attempted to contact the email address provided on the notices but has had no response.

Do you know anything about these notices? Did you put them there? We would love to hear from you, get in contact at gpt@westerntelegraph.co.uk