A TOWN council has been slammed for continuing to display a mayoral portrait of former major David Boswell, convicted of child rape.

The photographic portrait is on display in Pembroke Town Hall, amongst other former mayors.

David Boswell, known as Dai, was found guilty of raping one girl and indecently assaulting another when they were both aged under 10.

He was jailed for 18 years in 2018 for historic child sex offences, pre-dating his time as mayor.

Pembroke resident Marcel Laval, who previously stood for the St Mary North town council seat vacated by Boswell, said: “I find it disgusting that Pembroke Town Council are convinced they should hang a portrait of their convicted paedophile ex-mayor Dai Boswell in a place of honour alongside other former mayors to be admired by the public.”

He added: “There is now a major question upon the suitability for any Pembroke Town Councillor to hold the office if they wish to be recognised as happy to have a paedophile as a role model; there being a notable exception in Jon Harvey, who has also being at the forefront of challenging Boswell while in office.

“I suggest those that find my challenge on this matter difficult should seriously consider their positions of public office and resign immediately.”

Mr Laval has raised the matter with Pembrokeshire County council’s monitoring officer.

Pembroke county councillor, and town councillor, Jon Harvey said: “I find it totally abhorrent that a photograph of the former mayor (a convicted child rapist) is on display within the town hall.

“While he may have held the position for a short period, his conviction for the most heinous of crimes brought nothing but shame on the role and should not be celebrated."

Pembroke Town Council has been contacted for a comment.