A SURFER in difficulty was rescued from Freshwater West by emergency services yesterday, January 19.

H M coastguard St Govans and Angle lifeboat were on scene, with HM Coastguard Tenby paged.

HM Coastguard St Govans said: “Shortly after finishing our team practice, the team was paged by Milford Haven Coastguard to reports of a surfer in difficultly at Freshwater West beach. Angle Lifeboat RNLI were on scene to assist.

“Rescue 187 (helicopter) was also requested for assistance and was on scene a short while later. HM Coastguard Tenby was also paged.

“Casualty was recovered by Rescue 187 and a HLS (Helicopter Landing Site was set up.) Rescue 187 flew the casualty over to the HLS and passed over the casualty to HM Coastguard St Govans and was checked out by the helicopter medic.

“The casualty was discharged into care of family and friends.

“All teams stood down shortly after.”