Beach cleaners hit the Little Haven sands for the first clean of the decade.

The clean was organised by the Little Haven Beach Guardians, who hold a clean almost every month.

Andy Grey, who helps organise the clean, said that the public was becoming a lot more aware of beach rubbish and have started to collect the larger pieces while they walk.

“We do it more of less every month," Mr Grey said. "We have to make sure the weather is alright and we cover around three quarter mile stretch.

“We had a small group on Saturday (January 18) but sometime we get as many as 40 or 50 people come along.

“We try to pick up the small particles, the big stuff tends to get picked up by the general public because they are far more aware now.

“Now we pick up the little bits, the bottle tops and bits of fishing twine.

“We do it for about an hour at a time- it was lovely weather so its always a pleasure.”

“If we do our little bit and I’m sure there’s other groups along the coast doing their bit I think our small bits together adds to a big effect,” he said.

Mr Grey said the group managed to fill four or five bags full of beach rubbish.