A MILFORD mum is desperately appealing for the return of her little daughter’s beloved fluffy friend, Flump the toy elephant.

Broken-hearted little Tilly’s toy and much-loved companion went missing in Milford yesterday, February 5, and mum Nicola Dennison is hoping some kind-hearted person can reunite Flump with its owner.

Posting on Facebook, Nicola, of Priory Road, said: “Help! We’ve lost Flump; Tilly’s elephant, somewhere in Milford. Probably Charles Street. Anyone seen Flump??”

After frantic searching, Flump is still at large.

Nicola added: “Still not found! If you’ve picked it up, please message me. Whether you’ve put it on a wall or taken it home. Heartbroken one-year-old and stressed mum!

Thanks to everyone who has looked and shared for us.”

Nicola told the Mercury: “We walked to Charles Street pet shop and across to Greggs and then back home again. And it’s completely disappeared. I’ve asked in every shop.”

Nicola may be contacted on 07880 209 076; or message the Mercury through Facebook.