THREE Rebeccas have made an appearance at Trecadwgan Farm, Solva, encouraging the community group that wants to buy the farm to stand their ground.

As previously reported in the Western Telegraph, the Save Trecadwgan group/ Cymdeithas Trecadwgan was set up last summer with the aim of buying the council owned farm.

It intends to create a community farm which would develop eco-agri businesses and training at the farm.

The group initially raised £50,000 to remove the farm from auction, scheduled for July 2019. After a series of negotiations campaigners were told last December that their sealed bid had been formally accepted.

However, just weeks later they were told that a higher offer had been made and, despite the process having closed at 12 noon on December 13, that they had effectively been "gazumped".

Campaigners say they were contacted on Monday morning, February 10, and told that three Rebeccas would be at the farm to show solidarity and support.

The stunt alludes to the Rebecca Riots, protests between 1839 and 1843 against toll gates and economic conditions in the countryside.

"The closed bidding process is still underway," said group member Sue Denman.

"It is a long drawn out frustrating process with no certainty that the community will secure Trecadwgan Farm.

"Three Rebeccas appeared at the farm today - symbolic and in solidarity with the community. Their message 'dal dy dir' means stand your ground and we are doing so and for as long as it takes."