Just over a week ago, Pembroke trio Luca Trimarco, Leon Stewart and Phil Townley were living the dream in Australia.

After spending six weeks in Asia, they had all secured jobs in New South Wales for the foreseeable future.

But now the dream is turning into a nightmare. Like others, the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus meant they had their employment terminated swiftly, and they were then strongly advised to return home by the British Embassy. They've been desperately searching for a flight since, but to no avail.

"Every flight we try and get we can't because the stop off area has cancelled connecting flights," said Luca.

"Every time we refresh the page we are searching on the flights shoot up in price. We are now in a rush as if we can't sort something in the next 24-48 hours we risk being stuck here."

The three have since visited Syndey Airport to try and sort out the situation, but were only offered flights costing 11,500 Australian dollars per person and the journey would have gone via Singapore, where they are stopping transit journeys.

There is a gofundme page set up to try and help the trio out, as they contemplate being stuck on the other side of the world with little money between them.

You can help them out by clicking here.