PEMBROKESHIRE County Council Leader David Simpson, has provided a further coronavirus update for Tuesday, May 19.

“As we approach another bank holiday weekend, it is vital that everyone reminds themselves of the lockdown criteria.

“We have all worked hard together to ensure the spread of the virus is minimised by adhering to the government advice, now is not the time to think we are through this storm. We still need to ensure we undertake social distancing, avoid non-essential travel and stay at home.

“Our care in the community teams and NHS staff workers continue to give our vulnerable and those who need help, the support and care they deserve. It is vital that we support them by ensuring we do not risk spreading or catching this virus.

“As I have said before we will get back to normal, however, we have to be patient and allow more time for this pandemic to be beaten.

“I’m sure you will all agree that we want to avoid a repeat of the last few months, the distressing news of people dying and being restricted on what we can do and when.

“If you decide to ignore advice, you could be a factor in this pandemic coming back and affecting us all. Please continue to support each other continue to work as a team.

“This week is mental health awareness week. As an authority we are proud to support the event, which runs to Sunday, May 24.

“As part of this event, I want to encourage everyone to reach out and connect with others to offer support. Please pick up the phone, call a friend or family member. A simple phone call can make a huge difference to someone wellbeing, especially during times like this.

“Much more information on Mental Health Awareness week can be found at

“I really hope that everyone can offer support to each other, we need to understand that we are not alone in tackling this pandemic, we are all in it together.”