RECIPIENTS of food boxes in St Davids have had a delicious treat served up to them this week, in the form of a free book, donated by local author and illustrator, Jackie Morris.

Fishguard and St Davids Food pod has been set up to help anyone struggling in these difficult times.

This week volunteers packing up the boxes at St Davids City Hall included some food for the soul from authors Karin Celestine, Nicola Davies and Abbie Cameron.

"People in North Pembrokeshire are thinking about what they can give and share or donate," said food pod volunteer, Becky Lloyd.

"Local resident and artist Jackie Morris has created and sold new pieces of her own beautiful artwork online to raise funds for the Pod.

"In the true spirit of giving, she set up a way to raise money, but also to help other authors, since publishers are struggling to sell books while bookshops are closed. "

Jackie's publishers Graffeg and Otter-Barry Books enabled her to buy books with her author discount with the funds she raised.

The first batch of these went out to families this week in the food boxes. Books have also gone to the food bank in Llanelli where Graffeg is based.

"Many families and individuals are facing great hardship in our community, which relies heavily on jobs and businesses within the tourism industry," said Becky.

"The Food Pod is providing a valuable lifeline and nobody should be reluctant to ask for this support which is completely confidential."

You can get support by phoning coordinator, Louise Tarbuck, on 01437 729321 or by visiting The St David's and Fishguard Food Pod on Facebook.

Monetary donations are being taken and managed by the St Davids Penknife Club, see its Facebook page, while there are food collection points in local shops and garages.

"It is wonderful to belong to a community that promotes kindness and generosity," said Becky.

Food collection points are being set up by members of the group in our shops, streets and communities from St Davids to Fishguard."