A WIZARD incentive to turn out those kitchen cupboards to help foodbanks in Pembrokeshire is being rolled out in towns and villages.

Tinman Tuesday aims to collect hundreds of tins of food each week from where they are left at a social distance on garden walls, pavements and driveways.

The goods will then be delivered the following day to boost the stocks of local foodbanks.

Wyndham Williams of Narberth was chatting over the garden fence with his neighbours, Ian Gravell of Narberth and Whitland Round Table and Mathew Price from Sursum Tattoos, when the concept of Tinman Tuesday was developed.

Wyndham explained: “When I was six years old, I used to go around Narberth town with my grandmother Nelly Williams, knocking people’s doors asking for food donations for the British Legion raffle.

“I remember pulling a trolley bag full of tins and people in the town being so kind by donating all kinds of food parcels to support the British Legion.

“So we decided to bring this memory back to life, and it’s developed at a rate of knots.”

Tinman Tuesday has already taken off successfully in Narberth, where the Gravells Kia Kindness car toured the streets to collect a total of 137 tins on the first run last week.

The project has a logo designed by Matt, magnetic vehicle signs and t-shirts and leaflets provided by Revelation of Narberth, while Tim Plumb of trail running group, Narberth Nobblers, is designing an online platform to co-ordinate tin pick-ups.

Wyndham works as Community Connect’s Plus officer in Pembrokeshire, and although Tinman Tuesday is his own personal project, he hopes it will be rolled out far and wide via the Connect 2 Pembrokeshire platform. Kilgetty and Newport are amongst the communities to come on board.

“There has been a lot of kindness coming out of lockdown, and we want to keep this goodwill going in the future,” he added.

For more information, see Tinman Tuesday on Facebook.