LOCKDOWN flytippers have caused distress in a Pembrokeshire town by dumping their rubbish in front of the community's war memorial.

Seagulls have moved in to rummage through the waste, and residents in Narberth are 'deeply upset', said their county councillor, Vic Dennis.

Describing the incident as 'hugely disappointing', Cllr Dennis said: " Pembrokeshire County Council environmental services have been trying to address this problem for a number of weeks with little success.

"It is really frustrating that some people continue to fly tip their domestic waste in our town, prompting environmental services to remove litter bins to discourage this activity. This is household waste, not litter, and sadly it has continued without check.”

“All of our public services have been under pressure over the pandemic as sickness levels have increased. It’s quite incredible that some young people have retrained and joined the waste and eecycling service to help maintain our doorstep collections, whilst others cannot even make the small sacrifice of putting their waste out at the correct time and place to have it collected from their doorstep.”

“Even more disappointing is that they have chosen the area of the war memorial to desecrate. Local residents have rung me and they are deeply upset by this behaviour.”

“Pembrokeshire County Council is currently delivering as many services as possible, given the circumstances and having to direct time and effort to investigate this problem will only detract from other essential services.”

“We are still there to provide advice and help if residents are having problems with their waste and recycling. The support and strength of the community has been tremendous during these difficult times and they have not deserved this.

"I hope that this will stop immediately and we will not have to waste precious time and effort prosecuting and fining the culprits ”