Pembrokeshire County Council’s leader, Cllr David Simpson, has urged everyone to be mindful over how they embrace this latest change as the economy is gradually unlocked.

He said on Monday: “I appreciate that, for many, today is a very important milestone allowing people the opportunity to revisit their favourite shops and, most importantly, allowing these businesses to re-open their doors.

"Although non-essential businesses are back open, some may be on reduced hours so we still need to be mindful of how we deal with this change. We all have a responsibility to maintain our social distancing and to remain within our local area.

"Unfortunately the pandemic has not gone away and we are still collectively responsible to ensure we stop the spread of Covid-19.

"We also need to consider our actions and the impact on our families, neighbours, community and Pembrokeshire as a county.

"I know Welsh Government has set out some key dates on the path to an eventual return to normality but we still need to heed the advice being offered and ensure we all work together.

"Like all good teams and groups, collectively we are stronger.

Pembrokeshire Tourism is reminding shoppers of the need to show their support to local traders.

The organisation’s tourism liaison manager, Dennis O’Connor said: “The coronavirus crisis has challenged everyone to think differently about the way we shop and it led to businesses reacting quickly to the needs of local communities.

“Each of these enterprising businesses has made the period of time we've lived under restrictions a whole lot more bearable for many people and we hope that Pembrokeshire people will continue to support them as we transition to a lifting of restrictions.

“Even though restrictions are still currently in place to protect public health, retailers now have the opportunity to welcome back customers. This will help to recover a sense of normality for everyone and as long as we continue to adhere to Government guidance, we hope that it's a step forward in the right direction."