Fishguard's iconic cannon will return to the town square in the near future, with a place secured outside the Farmers Arms pub.

The cannon has been a feature of the town centre for nearly four decades, sitting on the roundabout on the square. Before that it was used as a mooring point in Lowertown harbour.

With the removal of the roundabout as part of the ongoing restructure of Fishguard town centre the cannon was put into storage and for a while its future location was uncertain.

Councillors consulted with the public, via a Facebook poll, and the common consensus was that the cannon should be returned to the square.

The town council had originally hoped to put it outside the Abergwaun pub, but that idea had to be mooted due to a problem with line of sight for drivers.

"It is therefore going to be placed on the large paved area outside the Farmers Arms pub," said Fishguard's new mayor, Councillor Jackie Stokes.

"The new plinth has been made but lockdown prevented other work being done - painting the barrel and varnishing the plinth.

"We may be able to do these when it is in situ, but either way it will be in place hopefully quite soon. "