Drivers parked up at Newgale last week returned to their vehicles to find notes of encouragement left on their windscreens.

The anonymous cards were left on all cars parked in one of the beach’s carparks. The outside of the envelope simply read “please open me”.

Inside every envelope was a greetings card with a printed message of positivity and a handwritten note saying:

“Just a card of encouragement during this unusual time.

“Some people will be finding lockdown hard and if you’re one of them, I hope you remember this is just temporary and you’re doing awesome.

“We have to find the good in everything. There is beauty everywhere even in the darkest hours. Everything will be alright. And if you’re a key worker, thank you.

“Have a beautiful day. Sending well wishes. Stay home, stay safe, save lives.”

The random act of kindness was shared on the Community Champion Pembrokeshire Facebook page.

The page is dedicated to sharing the positive work and actions people are taking in Pembrokeshire during the pandemic.

You can send, pictures, videos or anything that showcases the amazing people, groups and services in our county doing wonderful things to help by messaging the Facebook page or emailing

If you know who the anonymous note writer was we'd love to talk to her/him, contact