PEMBROKE Bridge Club is entering week 14 of isolation.

The club members are meeting online on the Bridge Base Online website three times a week.

The sessions are on Tuesday mornings at 11am, Thursday afternoons at 2pm and Friday mornings at 11am.

Last Friday was the club’s 34th online session, and the results were as follows; Tuesday, June 23, seven full table howell: 1st Kevin Thomas and Liz Crockford 59.72, 2nd Pam Evans and Anne Marie Pagett 56.48, 3rd Richard and Margaret Caley 56.02, 4th Phil Roberts and Gareth Jones 55.56, 5th Steve Jarvis and Hilary Davis 54.63.

Thursday, June 25, seven full table howell: 1st Anthony Stevens and Peter Milewski 68.39, 2nd Martin and Aileen Neilan 61.47, 3rd Lee Collier and Cindy Middleton 59.44, 4th Irene Warlow and Anne Marie Pagett 55.56, 5th Pam Evans and Avril Collins 52.78.

Friday, June 26, seven full table howell: 1st Jennifer Wardell and Kay Clement 69.91, 2nd Pam Evans and Anne Marie Pagett 60.19, 3rd Carmel Wiseman and Peter Oeppen 55.09, 4th Liz Richardson and Anne Dalziel 53.24, Joint 5th Kevin Thomas and Cindy Middleton - Peter Milewski and Julie Milewski - Steve Jarvis and Hilary Davis 52.78.

The bridge ‘lessons’ continue with club teacher Peter Milewski with his classes on-line, in the Teacher’s Corner, on Wednesday mornings on Bridge Club Live at 11am.

Kevin Thomas, and Julie Milewski are also regulars in the teaching corner playing and guiding the beginners’ group. These lessons are a continuation from the Wednesday beginner/intermediate group which the club normally run in Kilgetty.

The online class average four tables weekly. If anyone would like to join the online classes you would be most welcome. For any further details please call 01646 622002.

Should you be interested in joining the Pembroke Bridge Club group, please contact for further information, or telephone 078 798 56512.