FISHGUARD Sea Cadet's commanding officer, Lieutenant Chris Peake, has spoken of the benefits he has gained both from being a sea cadet as a young person and leading the unit as an adult.

Speaking on Cadet Day as part of Armed Forces week Lt Peake said that sea cadets had helped shape his life.

Lt Peake started his sea cadet journey back in 1981 at the age of 11.

"I had an amazing time as a sea cadet – going away on courses, gaining good qualifications as well as having lots of fun." He said.

"So when I turned 18, I decided I wanted to give something back and help support my unit as it had certainly shaped my life for the better."

Lt Peake said that he valued seeing how much his cadets grew in confidence and delighted in their achievements as well as working together as a team and helping shape young people's lives.

"Seeing a cadet achieve their next promotion, or a boating qualification and how happy that makes them, just inspires me even more, and drives me to keep doing as much as we can for them," he said.

"The cadets today have far more opportunities than I did as a cadet, and this motivates me to keep pushing them, so that they can get a real head start in life, giving them skills that will stay with them throughout their adult life."

He said that during his time as a cadet and adult volunteer he had met some great people, made friends for life and gained lots of skills and qualifications, which he now uses to give something back.

"I would say to anyone reading this that if you haven't volunteered then you really are missing out, it is so rewarding and really does make such a difference."

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