SOLVA is looking to alleviate any problems with coming out of lockdown with a Visit Solva campaign.

The campaign has been created by the village's community council and business group and centres around three key principles; plan ahead, respect our community and leave only footprints.

Visitors are asked to plan ahead in order to get the best from their visit and also to help them engage with local businesses, many of whom will be restricted in their capacities, opening times or even provision of service

Planning ahead by booking tables, planning takeaway meals, trips and even potential visits to smaller more intimate galleries and shops will help alleviate queuing and sometimes disappointment when businesses are at capacity.

Visitors are asked to respect the community.

"This relates to time spent in the village, whether on a day trip or staying locally," said chairman of Solva community council, Joshua Phillips.

"Some residents will be isolating for their own health reasons so we ask that all visitors are respectful and appreciate that this may be the case. Also some people will be very cautious when out walking and may want to limit interaction to just a friendly hello."

He added that visitors should respect the social distancing guidelines and are conscious of these, particularly on smaller paths. He asked that visitors do not meet in large groups or engage in activities that are not permitted like contact sports.

Finally visitors are asked to 'leave only footprints', to ensure all litter and dog mess is disposed of in an appropriate way and that visitors leave only their footprints behind.

The council has produced a short video, posters and digital flyer to share on social media and online. This includes a directory of local businesses with their contact details so visitors can get in touch prior to visiting.

"We want to ensure all visitors to Pembrokeshire are aware that they are most certainly welcome in Solva." Said Mr Phillips.

"We hope that by providing as much local information as possible, visitors are able to get the most out of their time in Solva and are able to enjoy the sights and sounds of our beautiful village, as well as the many fantastic shops, pubs and galleries that we have, although in a new/different way to before.

"From our community to all our friends, families and visitors we hope to be able to work with you, to welcome you and create some wonderful memories of our beautiful village."