A Pembroke Dock residential home has gone back into lockdown after a staff member tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Pembroke Haven Residential Home manager Steven Lade said the case was found during routine weekly testing and that no clients were showing any symptoms.

"We have had no other staff members test positive for the virus and no staff or client is symptomatic," he said.

Mr Lade said that Public Health Wales had advised that the member of staff be retested.

He added: "We've shut the front door to keep residents and the community safe.

"The girl with the positive test is at home and we've isolated another member of staff who may have come into contact with her. 

"We're doing every can and following the guidance from Public Health Wales."

In a statement on the home's Facebook page, a spokesperson for the home said the home would be put back into lockdown and they will be restricting all non-essential visitors.

They said: "We have been in contact with Public Health Wales and they are fully aware of the situation and will arrange any retesting as required. Regardless of this all staff are due retesting on this coming Tuesday.

"We will remain locked down to all non-essential visitors over the weekend as a precaution and I will update you all again on Monday when I am provided with more information.

"I would like to assure you that as of today all clients and staff are non-symptomatic and appear well.

"If you have any concerns about your friends or relatives, as always please feel free to contact the home."