MARITIME visitors setting a course for Caldey Island are being asked to keep their distance.

The island announced in June that it would not be re-opening to visitors until 2021.

And it has reinforced this message after people in small craft sailed over to land on the beaches.

A Facebook post is reminding people: "Caldey Island is a private Island.

"Please, no landing on any of our beaches.

"Respect the island, enjoy from a distance. Thank you."

Announcing the closure on safety grounds due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Caldey Island stated: “We regret to announce that due to the many aspects involved in getting people across to the island from Tenby via the ramp, the boats and the amphibious vehicle, and the difficulty in implementing strict safety measures on the island, the Abbey has decided that the safety of both islanders and visitors would be compromised if boats were to resume.

“Therefore, the island will remain closed for the whole of the 2020 season.

“We understand and respect this decision, whilst acknowledging how disappointing it is for so many people. We hope to welcome you all back in 2021.

The iconic Caldey boats which normally ferry passengers to and from the island are, this summer, offering a variety of trips from Tenby harbour.