A 96-year-old Haverfordwest man died as a result of pneumonia after a fall at home, a coroner’s court has heard.

Charles Frank Weatherall, of Slade Lane, Haverfordwest, died on June 26, 2020, at Withybush Hospital.

The inquest heard that Mr Weatherall had been a gardener and staff minibus driver at Kensington Hospital, Pembrokeshire.

When the hospital closed in 1977, Mr Weatherall moved over to Withybush Hospital where he was employed as the deputy head porter until his retirement in 1984.

At an inquest on Thursday, August 27, Paul Bennett, the acting senior coroner, said on June 3, 2020, Mr Weatherall suffered a fall while gardening at home.

His son was called to help him but was unable to do so without causing his father harm.

The ambulance service was called and he was taken to hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured femur.

After surgery, Mr Weatherall developed a chest infection and pneumonia.

At the inquest held on Thursday, August 27, the coroner recorded a narrative conclusion.

Mr Bennett said: “Mr Weatherall died as a result of the development of pneumonia following surgery for a fracture after having sustained a fall at his home.”

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