WALES' First Minister Mark Drakeford has hit out at the Home Office for its lack of response to 'grave concerns' that Penally Camp is an unsuitable place for asylum seekers.

The use of the camp 'must end as quickly as possible', he said today, Friday October 23.

Mr Drakeford was repeating the calls for Home Office intervention which he and others have made on a number of occasions since asylum seekers arrived at the former Army camp earlier this month.

Residents, Pembrokeshire County Council leader David Simpson, local councillors, health chiefs and faith leaders have put out repeated pleas, along Welsh Government deputy First Minister Jane Hutt.

He said:

It is unacceptable that the Home Office has repeatedly failed to address serious issues regarding living conditions at Penally military camp.

"The Welsh Government and local service providers have continually informed the Home Office of grave deficiencies in the standard of accommodation for asylum seekers. Home Office has so far failed to act in any meaningful way.

"The welfare and safety of asylum seekers on site must not be compromised, and the wellbeing of the local community must be treated as priority by the Home Office."

Earlier this week, a disturbance inside the camp led to the arrest of two men, who have now been bailed not to return to Pembrokeshire.

Mr Drakeford added:

I have explained our concerns on multiple occasions, and called on the Home Office to close the site. Their failure to act is not acceptable. The use of the camp must end as quickly as possible. Home Office has a duty to intervene, and must not ignore the legitimate concerns which are being raised by every party involved.

"Until Home Office takes action, we will continue to work closely with local partners to minimise risks and maximise the welfare of all affected. Wales is a Nation of Sanctuary. We take that seriously, and so should the Home Office."