THE issue of what colour Haverfordwest Town Council’s logo should be became heated at a recent meeting, with the mayor accusing the town clerk of calling him stupid.

The meeting, which was held online on November 17, descended into farce, with multiple misunderstandings between councillors, the mayor, and the town clerk.

Cllr Blacklaw-Jones opened the discussion by saying that he liked all the examples that had been presented to the council, calling it a ‘no brainer’ to adopt the new red logo.

But the mayor, Cllr Alan Buckfield, said he thought the logo should be blue because that is the “town colour”.

Councillors then discussed whether other colours should be added in.

Cllr Chris Evans said town council's crest could remain multicoloured - which is separate from the new logo and used in places like the town council offices - but the new red and white logo should be used elsewhere.

Town clerk Juliet Raymond said: “This is to remove the colour, this is to go to a two colour crest because the crest would have originally been in black and white.

“The colour was only added a number of years ago.

Adding: “I’m just trying to clarify that because I’m finding it a bit confusing when you’re talking about other colours.”

Mishearing the clerk, Mayor Buckfield responded by asking her not to call councillors stupid.

“Madam clerk, please do not tell a councillor that his opinion is stupid,” he said.

The mayor insisted she had said it despite her saying she had not.

Cllr Jim Dunkley then asked the mayor to retract his comments.

“I would like to invite you to retract the comments you made to the clerk just now in respect to her alleged statement that councillors are stupid, that’s not my recollection of what the clerk said.”

Mayor Buckfield responded: “It’s my recollection, if I’m wrong I withdraw it. Okay? The word stupid was used, though.”

Confusion also arose after Cllr Stella Hooper said she was not aware that the town council’s colour was blue.

“It’s not widely known, so I don’t think that matters,” Cllr Hooper said.

Cllr Murray said she was “cringing” at the idea that Haverfordwest residents didn’t know the colours of the Pembrokeshire flag.

Cllr Hooper responded saying that the Pembrokeshire flag is a “different issue to the colour of the town”.

The council agreed to adopt the new logo.