"They deserve all the credit, they just crack on with it, they're out there whatever the weather."

Pembrokeshire council staff have spoken about what it was like to be redeployed during the pandemic.

In March, Pembrokeshire County Council redeployed staff into essential roles, with fitness teachers covering care homes and lifeguards working 'on the bins'.

Zoe Coleman, from Pembroke Dock, was one of those redeployed, becoming a bit of a celebrity for her work in waste and recycling.

A post of Zoe wearing the waste team’s high-vis jacket and trousers on the video-sharing site TikTok attracted more than 670,000 views and featured on BBC and ITV.

Milford Mercury:

Speaking to the Western Telegraph, Zoe, who has now gone to university, said she would love to go and work on the bins again in the future.

"I was hoping I was going to be able to go back over Christmas but they have enough casual staff at the moment," the 21-year-old said.

"I would 100 per cent go back, it was great."

Zoe said one of the best bits was how convenient the hours were but it was the other staff who really made it enjoyable.

Milford Mercury:

"They were all a great bunch, they made it fun and enjoyable - I had the best summer.

"Honestly the guys were lush, they were so optimistic.

"I would say 'I can’t be bothered today,' but they would get me through, they were so uplifting and nice, they made the best out of a bad situation.

"They deserve all the credit, they just crack on with it, they're out there whatever the weather.

"I couldn’t have had a better job to be redeployed to."

Other than the staff, Zoe said that one of her favourite parts of the job was getting to visit parts of Pembrokeshire she had never visited before.

While Zoe got stuck in on the bins, she did not get to drive the lorries.

"I said, 'I'm two feet tall guys, I can't do the driving!'"

Lisa Thomson, who teaches fitness classes at Fishguard Leisure Centre, was redeployed to work in a care home during the first lockdown, which she said was a 'fantastic' experience.

Milford Mercury:

“I couldn’t work in my main job so I was really pleased to have the opportunity to do something else,” said Lisa, who lives in Goodwick and is also a professional skin therapist.

“It was really positive from start to finish. The manager and staff were brilliant at helping me to settle in, all the residents were an absolute joy to be around. I was made to feel very welcome and it was nice to be a part of a great team.

“It was really interesting to see what happens in a care home as well, and I can say that the residents there received truly great care.”

The period was also an opportunity to experience a different type of job, she added.

“I really enjoy being out of my comfort zone and learning new skills. It was good to learn a new role and if I had time in another life, I would do it! It was fantastic."