IT must sit pretty high on the bucket list, Robson Green serenading a Filipino version of 'happy birthday' on a Sunny Friday afternoon with a box of free fish and chips in your hands.

That's something that Withybush Hospital staff member Jöy Victoria Concepcion Hawker CAN cross off, as she was serenaded by Robson and Jerome star Green whilst the actor was in town filming for his new series of Walking Coast to Coast.

Watch the video below, which shows Green singing away in the sun and having a fantastic time as he hands out free portions of fish and chips to the hard working staff at Withybush Hospital on Friday, June 4 - the day of our favourite national meal, good 'owl fish and chips.

Filipino Joy, a theatre scrub nurse at Withybush, said it was a boost to hospital moral seeing Green with his light breezy manner making people feel good.

"It felt amazing when he sang the birthday song Filipino version and telling stories about his extreme fishing filming in the Philippines, particularly in El Nido, Palawan."

It's reported that Green was in town filming for his latest series Walking Coast to Coast and decided to pop up in a mobile van to give a much needed boost to our NHS staff.

Green might also nip across to St Davids, where his partner in show biz, Jerome Flynn has a property. 

Game of Thrones star Jerome can sometimes be spotted on the High Street in St Davids and is active in the local community.