Petrol prices in Pembrokeshire are falling after record highs last month, with the independent fuel sellers offering some of the best prices across the UK.

RAC data, however, has shown that the reduction in the average price of both petrol and diesel prices are not going far isn’t happening quickly enough – and more should be done by retailers to help drivers and their families.

The ‘big four’ supermarkets (Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco) – along with a number of other suppliers – however have been accused in recent weeks of keeping the cost of fuel artificially high as drivers continue to face record prices.

Selected fuel prices in Pembrokeshire, according to PetrolPrices, are:

  • Morrisons Haverfordwest – 189.9p for unleaded/194.9p for diesel
  • Llanteg Service Station – 179.9p for unleaded/191.9p for diesel
  • Asda Pembroke Dock – 175.7p for unleaded/183.6p for diesel
  • Pelcomb Service Station – 173.9p for unleaded/187.9p for diesel
  • Kiln Park Service Station – 168.9p for unleaded/183.9p for diesel

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Following seven consecutive weeks of wholesale prices falling, we’re relieved to see the supermarkets finally reducing their prices a little.


“The price of a litre of unleaded at a supermarket is now 185.15p on average with diesel at 194.16p, almost mirroring the UK average prices of 185.98p and diesel 195p respectively, when they are normally around 4p cheaper.

“When it comes to diesel, the weekly delivered wholesale price has fallen by 15p a litre from 161p in mid-June to 146p last week.

"Yet average prices have reduced by only 4p since the all-time highs of early July, from 199p to 195p. By our calculations, another 6p cut is due that would bring the average price of a litre down to 189p.

“Our analysis of this new data shows something else that is very telling.

"It appears to be the case that it’s no longer the big four supermarkets that lead on price, but instead smaller independent sites that are prepared to buck the national forecourt trend.”

With wholesale prices continuing to drop, the RAC is calling on all fuel retailers across the UK to help by passing some of the savings they are benefitting from onto drivers.

Williams commented: “We continue to call on all major fuel retailers to go much further in reducing their prices in the coming days to ease some of the burden on drivers during what is the costliest summer ever on the roads.”