A Royal Navy bomb disposal team is due to investigate what is thought to be a huge World War II bomb discovered off the coast of Dale.

Experienced diver Lee Bachelor from Maesteg found the bomb while he was diving off Dale at around 12pm on Sunday.

"We were diving just out of Dale when we came across an anchor and just to the side of anchor was an old WWII bomb," said the 44-year-old.

"It was around one and a half metres long and around 90cms in diameter. We had suspicions when we saw it down there, as the person I was diving with used to work in making ammunition.

"When we surfaced we checked on Google images and our suspicions were confirmed. It seems it is an old parachute mine.

"With it being in the Haven we reported it to Milford Haven Port Authority and the coastguards."

Milford Haven Port Authority Harbourmaster Bill Hirst said: "A Navy bomb disposal team has been called to investigate an unidentified device which may be a type of munition found off Watwick Point, in Milford Haven Waterway. "The Navy bomb disposal team is aiming to travel out from Dale today (Tuesday) to try and identify the device and then decide the next steps."

Milford Haven Port Authority has issued a navigation warning but shipping in and out of the Haven is currently unaffected.

A Royal Navy spokesman said divers were unable to complete their checks on Monday but added: "They will be returning today to attempt to complete their checks again."