Milford Haven 'would more than welcome' nuclear-armed Trident submarines, First Minister Carwyn Jones has claimed.

During First Minister's Questions on Tuesday Mr Jones was asked about potential investment in Welsh ports.

Mr Jones responded by saying that he had noticed that the Scottish Government no longer wished to have the UK's nuclear deterrent housed at the Faslane naval base on the River Clyde.

He added: "There will be more than a welcome for that fleet and those jobs in Milford Haven."

The issue of where the Trident fleet would be based should Scotland become independent is one of the main issues being discussed in the run-up to the independence vote in 2014.

Milford Haven has previously been looked at as a potential base but it is widely believed that the large industrial developments around the haven would rule out the move.

The haven is already home to two oil refineries, two LNG facilities, a large tank storage site and a power station due to come online shortly.

Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas whose region includes Milford Haven said Mr Jones "clearly has no grasp on reality if he believes that the people of Wales want nuclear weapons stored in Milford Haven".

He added: "Pembrokeshire would lose far more jobs than would be created because of the risks involved of having nuclear submarines. There are a number of oil refineries in the area which would have to be scaled down. What would the impact be on tourism if nuclear warheads were mixing with the seals of Pembrokeshire?"

Mr Thomas pointed out that Milford Haven had been considered for the Polaris submarines in 1963 and had been rejected even then because of its energy developments.

Earlier this year a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) report also ruled out Milford Haven as a potential base for the Trident fleet because of the industrial sites based around the waterway.

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