HERE we go, either with another collection of classics memories…or just a further dollop of dross…the verdict depends on you, really.

The last time we peeped into Doug's memoirs, it was 1963.

"It was round about this time when I took 20 cadets, and the RSM, Joe Morris to Germany, for the first time. We travelled by coach, train and boat to the Headquarters of the 1st Dragoon Guards, at Wolfenbuttle.

“We were billeted in the barracks, and shared all the facilities of the Regiment.

“We took part in their exercises, and we were taken on various tours, one such tour to the Volkswagon car factory at Wolfsburg, where we saw the Beetle car being made on the assembly line. Also a trip to the Hertz mountains.

“The cadets were enthralled with it all, for all of them it was the first time to go outside their own country.

“A few years later, I took them to Muchangladbach, and were looked after by the Royal Corps of Transport, who took many of them on trips to see the sights.

“That was just the beginning, in the years to follow, the cadets visited Germany, Canada, Cyprus and even America and India.

“1965 saw us back at Altcar with a few more new officers. One of these was about to get a new 'nick-name', and it happened like this.

“The Regiment were on parade, and the CO 'fell out' the officers. At this point, the officers march up to the CO, and halt in front of him in line. The last one to arrive, was the new officer, 2nd Lt Jack Evans, from Fishguard, who immediately said 'UP'. This indicated to the officers to salute the CO, and march off. After they fell out, the Adj Captain Jack Evans, went up to the 2nd Lt, and told him…’It is my job to say UP and not yours’. As they had the same name, you can guess what the 2nd Lt was to be called after that, yes…’JACK UP’. Sadly, they have both passed on, and are missed by all of us who are left.

“Around about this time, we had a new commandant, Lt Col John Green from Haverfordwest. The Regiment at this time was quite strong in numbers. We had eight detachments, all with an officer and a few sergeants and sgt majors. Some of the names come to mind…from Milford Haven…myself, Sgt Maj H Kelly, RSM Joe Morris, and Cook Sgt Percy Thompson had now joined us from the TA Neyland.

“Major B Morgan, 2nd Lt Nicholas, Haverfordwest, Lt R Evans, Lt G Jones, Lt B Thurston Sgt Major Kersey, Fishguard, Lt J Evans, Narberth, Lt T Thomas, Sgt Thomas Tenby Major Lally, Pem Dock, Lt J Cook…there were other sgts that I cannot recall.

“1966 saw us at Nesscliffe, near Shrewsbury, a hutted camp with a very large flat training area. This also had a river going through it, so once again we took to the water in our flat-bottomed boats. On the other side of Shrewsbury the ATC from Pembrokeshire were at camp with the RAF at an air station, so we fixed up an evening of sports, soccer, rugby, cricket, and what we would call today, a disco.

“Some of the local girls were invited and all had a good time. Who won what, I cannot remember, I would probably think it was a draw all round. It was nice to meet up with them, their officers were Joe Quigley, Archie Mathias and Frank Newing, all from Milford Haven."

And that's where we'll leave Doug's memoirs for now, next time he'll be recalling 1969.

In TRM Trawler Corner this week is the Alexander Scott LO361.

A Castle Class steel-sided trawler built in 1917 at Southbank-on-Tees. 275 tons. 125 ' long. Landed at Milford from May 1920 to Aug 1939, and from June 1945 to April 1956. Local owners…D.G. Jones, Milford Docks, and Jenkerson & Jones, Milford Docks. Skippers..Francis Moxey Hawkings and James Lawrence. Was requisitioned for both world wars as a minesweeper.

News cuttings from the WW Guardian…August 1923..."On Wednesday, the first landings of herrings for the season was made, when the Milford steam trawler, Alexander Scott, landed 170 kits after three days. The prices ranged between 30/- and 39/- per kit."

Here's a pic of the ship, plus one of her crews from Dec 1954.

L-R Back row…Deckies…Walter Potter, Glebelands, Hakin; Aubrey Journeaux, Johnston; Cook..Joe Blasywicz; Deckie…Raymond Braithwaite; Learner Fireman…Francis Farrell, Manchester. Front row…Fireman…Ernest Oliver, Swansea; Boson…Herbert Foster, Shakespeare Av. 2nd Eng…Hubert Rees, Solva; Ch Eng..Billy Llewellyn, Milton Crescent; Skipper...Billy Lawrence, Starbuck Rd; Mate…Algy Matthews, Edward Street, and Deckie…Jimmy King.

In May 1956, the Alexander Scott was broken up at Wards Yd, Castle Pill.

And that gives me the chance to include this Wards Yd snap.

It's TRM teaser time, and the answer to last week's poser was…E N T. The sequence of letters being the final three in the numerical sequence One to Ten.

Those correct were Les Haynes, Margaret Williams, Charles Weatherall (and grand-daughter), Joyce Layton, Elinor Jones, Margaret Jones, Jets and Anne Llewellyn.

Many thanks to all who got in touch.

This one's from Les Haynes…The more you take, the more you leave behind.

What are they?

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my good friend, Roger Arnold, one of Milford, and Pembrokeshire's, most gifted, and versatile, entertainers. I will be including a full tribute at a later date, for now, my sincere condolences to Margaret and the family.

Heaven will be all the richer to have him.