IT'S that time again, so here are a few bits of feedback that I've received recently, with regard to previous TRMs. They're always welcome, so please keep them coming.

Following up from TRM trawler corner, I was delighted to get this email from Rex and Marie Davies.

"Hi Jeff…my wife Marie was delighted to see the piece, and pictures, of the trawler Alexander Scott last week.

“The Skipper Francis Moxey Hawkings was her grandfather, and she knows very little about his trawling history. When the fishing in Brixham collapsed, he brought his family to Milford Haven, living in Shakespeare Avenue.

“It would have been around 1914 we think. It appears that he was very successful, and skippered the Alexander Scott until an injury ended his fishing career. He died in 1938, aged 51. His daughter Lilian married George Rees, a builder from Johnston.

“Two of his sons were also trawlermen; Ernest and Frankie, and both died whilst on minesweeping duties in the Second World War. Ernest on HMS Oku, and Frankie on the Ely, on which, I think you said your uncle served.

“Frankie had previously been awarded the BEM.

“Keep up the good work, Jeff. It's a pleasure to read TRM every week."

Thanks very much for that, and yes, Rex, my Uncle Stan Edwards, from Robert Street, was one of those who were lost on the Ely in 1945.

There was also this Facebook message from Gareth Llewellyn, who said… "That's my grandad, 'Pop' Llewellyn, front row, 2nd left. He was Chief Engineer.

“My other grandad, Albert Wiseman, was a skipper on the Hosanna."

Thanks Gareth.

Jean Buckingham sent me an email, naming some of those in last week's Baptist picture, which included one of my old Grammar School chums, Stanley Jones, and said…"Thanks for the interesting Baptist history, a real gem.

“All the more poignant, since I understand that Stanley passed away on June 4 this year. He was a deacon of the chapel at a very young age, an exceptional young man, who served on Preseli District Council in the 1970s."

Thanks Jean, and for all those who have asked, here's the full list of names from that photograph, which was taken from the Short History of the Baptist Cause in Milford Haven booklet. The Diaconate---1978. Standing...L-R Picton Griffiths; Len Price; George Daye; George Yolland; George Lloyd; Hugh Jones; Stanley Jones; Richard Yolland.

Sitting...William Adams; Irene Mathias; Angela Evans; Mona Laugharne; Rev G R Price; Olwen Sturley; Gwyneth Jones; Oswald Price.

Thanks for getting in touch, Jean.

And following gen that was included in Doug Joyce's wonderful Army Cadet recollections, I had this email from Dai Coe.

"Dear Jeff…you mentioned a visit to the VW factory, which reminded me of a story from my Army days with the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers).

“In 1945, after the cessation of hostilities, a REME unit occupied the VW site, which had been damaged during the war. Commanded by Major Ivan Hirst, the site was inspected, and it was realised that the damage was not as extensive as first thought.

“Hirst realised that the Allies were in need of transportation, and set about starting the factory up again. By 1946, one thousand Beetles and trucks were rolling off the production line, and the REME ran this operation until 1949, when it was handed over to the German government.

“Volkswagon and the REME has close ties, and the operation to save the plant is commemorated today at Wolfsburg.

“Nothing to do with Milford, but I thought that you may find this interesting."

I certainly did, Dai, and though it may not have any direct connection with Milford, by reading the TRM in the Milford Merc, it triggered off a memory which reminded you of that fascinating post war period. Many thanks.

That leads us nicely into another snippet from My story of the Pembs and Dyfed Army Cadet Force, by Lt Colonel Douglas Joyce, ACF Retd.

"1969 was quite an eventful year, mainly the crowning of the Prince of Wales at Caernarfon. I was lucky enough to be selected to be a company commander as part of the street lining ceremony. My company consisted of army cadets selected from all counties within Wales. We spent a week near Caernarfon, rehearsing with other Welsh regiments, including the Welsh Guards.

“The day itself was a day all of us will remember, the weather was glorious, the town bursting at the seams, and the pomp and ceremony was fabulous."

Next time, Doug moves on to 1971, and a cadets’ trip to Jurby, on the Isle of Man.

George Springer, from the marvellous Milford Museum, contacted me and kindly sent this photo, adding..."It was taken by the well-known photographer, Ted Freeman, about 1970, and I believe it is of the cadets getting ready to take part in the Milford Town Council."

I'm grateful to George, and the highly acclaimed museum…one of the town's ‘must visit’ places…for their help.

That takes us to our teaser, and last week's answer was...five. Those who got it right were…Joan Earles, Joyce Layton, Tommy G, Les Haynes, Brian Phillips, Anne and Jets Llewellyn, Margaret and Phil Jones, John Glover, Royston Holman, Jean Buckingham, Tricia…Alan…and Dave Hawthorn, and Charles Weatherall.

Thanks to all who got in touch.

For this week's poser, imagine that you finally manage to see your doctor, and he gives you three pills and tells you to take one pill every half hour.

How long would it take before all the pills had been taken?

Now for a new…’grumpy old git’ spot.

Last week, at the Tesco roundabout, I was once again bamboozled and steaming at the number of drivers who either didn't bother at all...or confused me with late or misleading indicators. Mark my words…there's going to be a pile up there one day.

So I've decided to show a pic of how it was, before the roundabout arrived, the snap comes from my good friend, and well-known snapper, Mr Kevin McCauley.

Right, I'm off. My new charity book will be available at Milford News/Best One from Monday…if you've got a good sense of humour, and even better sense of the ridiculous, I think you'll enjoy it.

See you.