IT wasn’t to be for David ‘one more’ Round on Saturday night as the Milford MMA fighter lost out on the Welsh Welterweight belt after defeat to Jordan James in Swansea.

The 30-year-old came out to a huge reception before the main event at BUDO Fighting Championships 16, with more than 70 friends and family members having made the trip.

He entered the cage to the song ‘Don’t you worry child’, sporting Peppa Pig fight shorts as a tribute to his young daughter Lola.

And he started in style, attacking James from the bell and connecting with a series of knees that the Swansea fighter did well to withstand.

But when the 30-year-old Round charged as he looked to connect with another knee, he lost his balance and James pounced - locking him in a rear naked chokehold for the win in 02:14.

Afterwards, a disappointed Round was quick to praise everyone who had helped him prepare for the fight.

“I want to thank Kalv Singh at Badboy Supplements and also Lee Riley - without those two I wouldn’t have been in the shape I was in,” he told Mercury Sport.

“Also Tensai for my fight shorts, and Ian Smith at Link Taxis, Sarah Kimson from Hamilton’s Bar, the Astoria nightclub, L.Greggain & Co Ltd, and Gareth Hobbs at Bearhug supports for their sponsorship and support.”

“I’ve also had amazing support of my parents and my girlfriend Mandy Jenkins and can’t thank them enough.

“And finally, I want to thank everyone who travelled up to watch me, the atmosphere was something else when I walked out.”

Originally, Round had said Saturday would be his last fight before retirement, but has since reversed that decision and is scheduled to fight in Sweden on Saturday, October 8th.

“This isn’t the last of me - there is always ‘one more’ in me,” he said.

“I’m going up to middleweight for Sweden, so I’ve taken bouts at lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight, something I don’t think any other UK fighter has done and only a handful of MMA fighters around the world have done.”