He described it as the 'biggest war' he's ever been in, and he's got the wounds to prove it.

Milford MMA fighter David Round headlined a big event in France last weekend as he took on Anthony Rea in a middleweight title fight, and the two put on a 15 minute war that the home fighter marginally won on points.

The pair fought in the medieval town of Carcassonne at the Kombat 03 event, run by Sports and Arts Martiaux Promotions - and it took place in a hexagon shaped ring as the use of a cage is banned in France.

There was plenty of blood shed over the three rounds and afterwards, both needed medical attention.

"It was by far and away the biggest war I've been in and he was the toughest opponent I've fought," admitted the 32-year-old.

"We were bruised and battered afterwards. He broke my nose in the second round and a lot of blood was spilled.

"But the crowd loved it and I had a standing ovation afterwards. Me and Sam Clark (corner man) were outside the ring for an hour afterwards just posing for photos and meeting fans."

He did though, admit to being disappointed at the outcome, feeling a second round take down swung the judges in favour of Rea.

"I thought I'd won it," said Round.

"The only thing I think cost me was the take down and he controlled me on the ground for about 30 seconds after that and I blocked three submission moves.

"But I landed the bigger shots and the scores were very close."

As of yesterday though, Round was still in Gloucester after flying back to the UK, with doctors yet to grant him permission to drive home due to severe swelling around his eye. Thankfully, scans have shown there is no damage to his retina.

In fact, he's already looking ahead to his next bout on June 8th at the Kombat Fighting Championships in Manchester.

"Will I be ready in time? I'm ready now." 

Round thanked his main sponsors JP Scaffolding, as well as LPA Impact, Support 81, Granicol Ltd, L Greggain & Co Ltd, Steve Evans at Studio 9 Custom Tattoo, Training Mask, Stuart Lloyd Carpentry, Sweet Sweat, Battle Body Clothing, Ian Smith Builders, Pain Game, Phil Hart, North East CBD Oils, The Lounge, David Fairbairn, Gordon Bennett's Fish and Chip Shop, Martha's Vineyard and the Victoria Inn.