It started off four years ago with just a pen and pad of paper – and now a new state of the art fitness facility has opened to the Pembrokeshire public.

S7 Fitness, based at Withybush Industrial Estate, officially unlocked the doors at 10am this morning and the gym was packed from the word off as people came to see the equipment on show.

And it was a morning that Chris O’Sullivan, who has had to overcome numerous obstacles since initiating the project, admitted he thought would never come.

“There have been a lot of hurdles and setbacks and I don’t mind admitting I was probably out of my depth a bit with the design side of things,” he told Telegraph Sport.

“But like a lot of things in life you have to find a way - the easy thing to do is quit.

“A lot of scope has picked up on this over the last few months and I felt pressure on the shoulders so to finally be able to deliver it is a relief.”

O’Sullivan spent much of teenage years at Swansea City and has also boxed for Wales, and admits it was those memories of constant travel that inspired his idea to deliver something different.

“I spent a lot of time on the M4 going to Swansea or Sophia Gardens,” he said.

“And I think in terms of coaching and facilities Pembrokeshire is still 15-20 years behind those places and countries like England.

“Hopefully a place like this can give people the opportunity to keep pace with talents in big cities.”

As well as a gym the centre boasts a 25 metre sprint area, boxing bags, cardio room and area for designated classes.

A number of local sports teams have also already signed up for block training bookings.

But the former Haverfordwest County man readily admits this has been anything but a one man project.

“People see my name with it but I’ve had a great team behind me. My brother Wayne and his partner Alan Davies have helped so much from that start and I’ve had a great friend in Chris Harries involved.

“Matthew D’Ivry has also believed in this from the moment he came on board and to all my staff, family, and people who have helped with this I cannot be grateful enough.”

Indeed, D’Ivry will run Golf7, which forms part of the venture, and will allow people to practice golf and play the world’s top courses indoors - using unbelievable technology in the meantime.

He will also oversee the coffee shop, Coffee7, while Ann-Marie Greene will run her Opia Hair and Beauty Salon, all on the same premises.

And the open day will run until late tonight, with many having signed up for the Funky Pump taster class that is also taking place.

The place with be open 24/7 to those who sign up and memberships are now available - and a full breakdown of details and prices can be found at